Saturday, August 28, 2010

so hysterical, this can't be healthy;; two


I looked over at my best friend Stephanie. She was flabbergasted at my news. We sat in the foot court down at the Forks - a huge market, and a tourist attraction in Winnipeg. I pushed away the rest of my chinese food as I shrugged. So what if I turned him down? Sure I liked him, but, I wasn't going to fall at his feet. That's exactly what he wanted. Plus that cocky attitude of his completely irked me.

"Stephanie, he's a jerk. I don't know what happened to him, that school changed him."

"You're insane. He's totally gorgeous, everyone wants him, and YOU turned him down!"

"You've said that 5 times already."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I'm getting ice cream." She replied getting up from the table.

I sat back in my chair, puffing hot air from my cheeks. I wasn't crazy for turning him down. Not in the slightest bit. He was only asking me out for the sake of having a girl on his arm. It's just the way these hockey players worked. If he really liked me, he'd be the one falling at my feet. Simple as that.

"So, I've got a proposition for you." Steph said as she sat back down with her ice cream.

"Do you even know what that word means?"

"Are you gunna listen to me or not?"

I chuckled and leaned on the table, waiting for her answer, "Okay fine."

"Jonathan and his friends are playing softball tonight. Behind St. Paul's like they always do every Friday when Jonny's back. The girls and I were going to go watch them ... you should come."

"Why would I be interested in a sotfball game?"

"Don't lie, you love baseball. I'm just saying that if you're there, and Jon sees you. Maybe he'll attempt to ask you out again."

"He likes the chase, Steph. I'm not fueling his fire."

"Maybe he doesn't want to chase you."

"Maybe you're a dumbass."


I headed home right after our lunch. Steph said if I changed my mind, she'd pick me up at 6. It was 4:30 now. I was so bored that I hit the shower, got out, did my make up, dried my hair and started to curl it.  5:30 rolled around and I was STILL curling my hair. I heard my phone ring in my bedroom, it was Steph.


"Are you coming or not?"

"I guess."

"GOOD! Cause me and Gina are outside your house right now."

"Oh fuck you guys. I'll be out in five."

I put my hair into a side ponytail to cover up the hair I didn't get to curl yet. I threw on a pair of ripped jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt, and slid my feet into my pink flip flops. I got into the car and glared at Steph, who just laughed as she put the car in gear and drove down the street. I felt nervous for some reason. I kept picking at my nail polish the closer we got to the park.

Then I saw him.

He was standing with two of his friends as the pitcher warmed up. I caught him smiling and I felt my chest tighten up. He turned around and saw me. Great.


Better talk to him now or he won't leave me alone. "Jonathan."

"So are you still thinking of my offer?"

"Not really."

"Ouch. That's cold."

"I'm sure you have other girls you can ask." I snapped as I turned on my heel and began to walk away.

"But, that's the problem." He said as he forcefully grabbed my arm, causing me to spin around and be met with his midnight like eyes.  My god those eyes. "I only like you though. Forget those other girls."


"I thought about you a lot when I was gone. I'm being serious here."

"But you're always serious. How can I believe you?"

"Do you want me to crawl over broken glass to prove it to you?"

"It'd be a start."

He threw his head back, like he was asking for help. I crossed my arms and waited for him to come back to earth.

"You're going to the Lake tomorrow, aren't you?"

"Yeah. Everyone goes there for Canada day."

"Let me drive you up there. We can talk. I'm not a bad person, Ally."

"Fine. Pick me up at 10. Do not be late."

He flashed me some smile that could've knocked me to my feet if I wasn't leaning against the fence behind home plate. I gave me him my address and he walked away. Now I wonder what the hell I got myself into.


  1. Honaay dis so good
    like model
    but like author

    I love you like model <33
    lmfaooo, don't delete this one i likeee it!

  2. Haha, if my best friend ever turned down Jonathan Toews, my reaction would probably be the same as Stephanie's.

    I am glad that Ally is giving Jon the chance to talk to her. I just hope their talk goes smoothly.

    Great update. Can't wait for the next chapter.

  3. I wouldn't turn down Tazer!! WOW!! That man is damn fine, great update.