Saturday, October 16, 2010

cause I don't know who you are when you're running circles in my head;; seven

The months came and I went. Jon did come back for my birthday but it was so brief, like a wind storm or something. One moment he's in my arms, the next I'm crying at the end of my driveway yet again. I missed him. I didn't know what to be without him around.

Christmas came around and I was getting used to not having him there all the time. He did come home for two days for Christmas, but yet again, it just didn't feel right. I just knew he was out doing what he had to do. He was doing really good at it too. He loved the team, the team loved him back. He even made Team Canada for the world juniors. He was where he wanted to be. I was where I had to be.

Spring break had rolled by and Jon had a game tonight. I was stuck in Winnipeg cause my mom thought Jonny would drag me to some college party and get me drunk. Just because the kids at UND had two weeks off, the team didn't. Which sucked for the most part.

I sat in my living room with Steph as we decided on what movie we wanted to go see. We were having a hard time. Winnipeg life isn't that exciting when it's below freezing in the middle of March. As we were looking through the paper, my phone rang. It was David, Jonny's younger brother.

"Hey David."

"Ally, you better get your ass down to UND now."

"Why? Did something happen to Jon on the ice?"

"No, he got arrested last night."

My heart stopped as I searched aimlessly for the words, "What the hell do you mean, arrested?"

"Underage drinking. Photo's got leaked this morning on campus. He used his one call to phone me. He probably didn't want me telling you, but you had the right to know."

I deeply sighed as Steph intently watched me. "Well, what can I do?"

"Drive down there, chew him out. It seems like you're the only one who can get through to him."

"I seems like a stupid idea, but it can't be dumber that what he did."

"Ally. He's going crazy without you. He said it himself."

I chewed on my lower lip as I thought it over in my head, "You really think it's worth a shot?"

"I do."

"Okay, thanks David."

"No problem. Now go kick my brothers ass."

"I will." I chuckled as I hung up.

I put my hands over my face and cursed to the sky. Lovely. My boyfriend was in jail. I hadn't seen him since Christmas and he was off being reckless. Well, I wouldn't say getting drunk was restless, but, for him to do it when he's a high profiled hockey player. It just seemed stupid. Maybe cause he got caught. I don't know. I couldn't think right.

"So what did David want?"

"Steph, how do you feel about making a trip down to North Dakota?"


  1. My heart really does go out to Ally; it must really be hard for her not having Jon around all of the time. What I really do like, though, is how she is putting in her best effort to make sure their relationship works out.

    Hmm, I wonder what's going to happen when Ally does see Jon after he got arrested. I am curious to see what her reaction is going to be.

    Great update. Can't wait for the next chapter.

  2. ahh this is getting good, cant wait for the next chapter

  3. I agree with Marissa, I can;t wait to see what happens during their reunion.